What is in Evolution CBD?

We use only 100% organic, terpene rich, CBD hemp oil. The farms that provide our industrial hemp grow organic, non-GMO crops that make use of hemp’s sustainable nature. Hemp naturally resists most pests and therefore does not require pesticides, herbicides or toxic fertilizers. We use all natural flavors and incorporations.

Is CBD legal?

Verify the latest law in your state, but Evolution CBD comes from industrial hemp, and is completely legal under federal law.

How is your hemp oil extracted?

Evolution CBD is extracted using a CO2 process – this is the safest and most environmentally friendly way to extract hemp oil. We use a low heat process in order to preserve the health supporting terpenes found in industrial hemp.

What does it do?

CBD replenishes and optimizes your endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a regulatory system found in all mammals (and thus humans).  It is a collection of neurotransmitters and receptors present throughout the brain and immune system. The endocannabinoid system helps to regulate many body functions, including:  fertility, pregnancy, pre-and-postnatal development, appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory.  Cannabinoids, compounds that activate or stimulate the endocannabinoid system, are found in a variety of foods (such as carrots) but are found in the greatest abundance in the cannabis plant.  CBD is a non-psychoactive, 100% legal, cannabinoid usually derived from industrial hemp oil.

Will it work for me?

Each person’s body is unique and we cannot make any specific medical claims about CBD and its efficacy for any one condition. Please visit PubMed and perform a search for “CBD” or “cannabidiol” along with any particular medical term or condition about which you’d like more information.


How will it make me feel?

Evolution CBD is generally described as producing a sense of calm alertness. PubMed is a fantastic resource for additional research on CBD hemp oil. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/

Can this get me “high”?

Cannabinoids are present in many foods you eat, just not in the concentration they’re found in industrial hemp.  Evolution CBD contains a very slight trace of THC – under the 0.3% Legal Limit. This means that our products are extremely unlikely to produce any psychotropic effect (the “high” associated with marijuana).

Can I take too much?

Very unlikely. CBD has no known side effects. Science and the medical community seem to agree that CBD hemp oil is non-toxic, non-psychoactive (won’t get you “high”) and is generally safe for consumption. Effects may vary by dose, and we’d never want you to waste money and CBD by taking more than is necessary, but a toxic dose would represent an astronomical amount of CBD hemp oil, and it is very unlikely you could take too much.

Will I fail a drug test?

Very unlikely. Under Federal Law, CBD products derived from industrial hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC by volume. At this level, it is exceedingly unlikely that one would be able to consume the exorbitant amount necessary for the typical person to fail a drug test.