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CBD from hemp oil is safe, legal, and has been studied for over 50 medical conditions.  People’s lives are being changed by this new supplement and Evolution CBD is leading the way! Check out Evolution CBD testimonials:


Welsh Wojtek

Local Guide · 22 reviews · 147 photos

As a veteran that struggles with PTSD & recently decided to kick my medication my government overlords were giving me; this place was recommended to me. This is legitimate CBD that ACTUALLY HELPS!!! Now if we could get the this accepted as mainstream medication things would be even better!

Chris Hailey

1 review  
If you are looking for a good alternative for stress relief or help with Anxiety the water soluable cbd oil worked for me.  I could tell the calming effect the first time i tried it in about 5 minutes.  It has helped me to relax and get good sleep.

Patricia Haney

1 review
I heard it was effective for pain management and also anxiety which I suffer from, and also my daughter has M.S. and it’s beneficial for her spasticity and also the anxiety she suffers from. We bought our first bottle and right away we liked and noticed that it helped the both of us. We would recommend it to anyone suffering from the things we are.

Janneane Stark

Local Guide · 5 reviews · 25 photos
I got the water soluble pina colada flavor and add it to my coffee taste great, I’ve noticed a big improvement overall my stomach pain isn’t as bad,  I’m able to walk around more and stand longer as it seems to help my hip pain too. I also got the mini topical roller it works great.

Kathie Woolery

3 reviews

I was very sceptical about using CBD. My husband has some serious health issues, but our son-in-law’s mother was having some great results for her knee pain and we decided to try it. So far; so good and we may even expand our use of these products.

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